Roasted Tomato Sauce with Tuscan Balsamic

Recipe Summary

Flavorful, homemade sauce recipe.

Recipe Servings: 6 portions
Recipe Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Recipe Cook Time: 40 minutes


4 Large ripe tomatoes cut in half
½ cup Lucini® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
¾ cup Lucini® Tuscan Balsamic & Extra Virgin
Salt and black pepper


Pre-heat oven to 425°. Place the tomatoes in an oven-proof pan. Pour the olive oil over the tomatoes and roast in the oven until very tender and blistered – about 40 minutes. Remove from the oven, add the dressing and puree with a hand blender.  Season the sauce with salt and black pepper.  Toss the sauce with pasta and serve.


Chef Caprial Pence is the chef and co-owner of Caprial's Bistro in Portland, Oregon, which opened in 1992. Shortly after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Caprial was named Best Chef: Pacific Northwest by the James Beard Foundation, the first female recipient of this prestigious award.