Lucini Italia Betting Big on Argentinian Olive Oil

Leader in Italian-Inspired Gourmet Foods Expands Producer Partnerships with 100% Argentinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(October 2017) – Lucini Italia, a leading producer of premium extra virgin olive oils and Italian-inspired gourmet foods, is proud to reintroduce Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil now made using 100% Argentinian olives. Lucini dedicated two years to developing relationships with select producers in Argentina, partnering with exceptional estates in the Andean foothills to craft an extra virgin olive oil that will replace its existing Italian Everyday offering.
The brand’s award-winning Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® and Organic Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® will remain 100% Italian, produced on partner estates in Italy.

“Our new Everyday oil is a celebration of the Italian-inspired culture and new world innovation happening in Argentina,” said Mike Forbes, executive vice president and general manager at California Olive Ranch, the parent company of Lucini Italia. “We are excited to share this incredible tasting oil with culinary enthusiasts.”

As with Lucini’s Italian producers, this opportunity allows the brand to share best practices and expertise with other like-minded producers around the world. Located in Mendoza and San Juan, the Argentinian producers are entrepreneurial and progressive, bringing a new world perspective to their craft. The olives are mechanically harvested early in the season and crushed in less than six hours, delivering a clean, mild taste profile that is fresh and green, well-suited for everyday use. And, at an everyday price, Lucini® Everyday is an ideal entry point for consumers to be introduced to the Lucini brand.

Dedicated to authenticity and transparency, the label has been modified to celebrate its new Argentinian source and eliminate any confusion regarding the country of origin. There are no price or size changes.

About Lucini Italia:
The Lucini Italia Company is a leading producer of premium Italian and Argentinian extra virgin olive oils and creator of authentic, handcrafted gourmet foods inspired by the culinary traditions of Italy. The family of products includes award-winning extra virgin olive oils, USDA organic tomato sauces crafted with 100% Italian estate-grown tomatoes, non-GMO artisan vinaigrettes with 12 simple ingredients or less, and handcrafted vinegars. Each recipe is free from preservatives, chemical treatments, and artificial additives, ensuring the resulting products are delicious, high-quality and grounded in authenticity. To learn more about Lucini Italia products, please visit or follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LuciniItalia.

The Lucini Italia Company is a subsidiary of California Olive Ranch.