Organic Tomato Sauces – The Lucini Touch

At Lucini Italia we believe in capturing the taste and quality of fresh ingredients. That’s why we make all of our organic sauces from only fresh tomatoes and produce it only during the harvest.  We work with one organic tomato farm in Tuscany that uses their own homegrown, organic ingredients like fresh basil and Tuscan […]

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A glass serving bottle of Lucini Italia Co. balsamic vinegar resting on a cutting board with fresh Italian ingredients.

Know Your Balsamic: What is it & How it’s Made

Lucini Italia Co. – Know Your Balsamic: What It Is And How It’s Made If you’re a fan of authentic Italian food or even just Mediterranean dishes in general, you should know about Lucini Italia Company. We are a company dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients to professional and home chefs alike. Founded on […]

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Exceptional One Pan Meals

At Lucini Italia we believe that simple ingredients can easily be transformed into delicious meals. We’ve gathered three of our favorite sauces where our Organic Tomato Sauces are the star. We’ve shared which tomato sauce we would use for each dish, but feel free to mix and match to find the combination that speaks to […]

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Grilling the Italian way with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At Lucini Italia, we love the art of Italian cooking, and we’re committed to spreading the flavors and foods of Italy. One such Italian tradition is grigliata.  This term translates to “grill out” and refers to the centuries-old tradition of cooking food over an open fire. Opting Outdoors Photo by Arthur Street Kitchen In the […]

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3 Summer Recipes To Grill Up Right Away

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to fire up the grill and get cooking. At Lucini Italia, we know that an afternoon or evening spent around the grill isn’t limited to hot dogs and hamburgers. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite Italian-inspired grilled dishes. Simple ingredients and Lucini Italia Premium Select […]

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Lucini extra virgin olive oil on a bed of olive tree leaves and green olives

The Cultivation of Olives in Argentina

Olives and olive oil are instantly recognizable signifiers of Italian food and culture – but Italy isn’t the only country where olives have played an important role in agricultural development. Nearly 12,000 kilometers away on the other side of the Equator, the South American country of Argentina has also had a love affair with the […]

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Lucini extra virgin olive oil poured over olives.

What Does the Olive Symbolize?

At Lucini Italia, we’re proud to continue the traditions of Italian cuisine by crafting artisan Italian vinegars, extra virgin olive oils, and a variety of other gourmet Italian ingredients. But beyond spreading the flavors and foods of Italy, we’re proud to be a part of continuing Italian cultural heritage, as well. The olive tree has […]

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