Cinque e Cinque - Savory Rosemary

Discovered in the Tuscan town of Livorno, Italy, Cinque e’ Cinque is an authentic chickpea farinata that is traditionally served  in a fresh baked roll.

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250 g
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Cinque e Cinque - Savory Rosemary

Product Description

Cinque e’ Cinque, also known as Farinata, is a storied Italian entree. In the Ligurian region of Italy, bake shops and pizzerias traditionally post signs in the store front window saying when this baked chickpea frittata will be ready, and customers stand in line waiting enjoy these treats right out of the oven. The name “Cinque e’ Cinque” was coined in the early 1900s by sailors coming through Livorno and refers to the going rate – five cents for the patty and five cents for the bread.

A healthy and simple dish to make at home using only two common ingredients already in your kitchen, Cinque e’ Cinque is high in fiber, contains 9g of protein and is gluten free and vegan. Enjoy in a variety of different ways; sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper and serve on a baguette, use as protein in a main dish, create a side dish topped with fresh tomato and basil, or use as a blank culinary canvas for any delicious combination.

Lucini Italia does not add sugar, water, dehydrated herbs, or anything artificial.

Additional Information

Ingredients Chickpea flour (custom proprietary milled), rosemary
Certifications Vegan, BPA Free, COR 80, Gluten Free
Size 250 g


Chickpea flour (custom proprietary milled), rosemary


This product has earned the right to display the following marks:

K - 4
Med Mark - 5
QAI - 9
USDA Organic - 8
Vegan - 6
BOTB - 14
BPA Free - 11
COR 80 - 7
Gluten Free - 3
Gold Sofi - 13
ICEA - 10

Nutritional Facts

Cinque e Cinque - Savory Rosemary