3L EcoValue® Box

Aided by sun, soil and the Italian climate, our extra virgin olive oil is produced from 100% hand-picked Italian olives pressed within 24 hours. Our olives are harvested to produce a traditional Tuscan tasting profile that is green and full, with a peppery finish. It has an acidity level less than half of regular extra virgin. The hillside estates are 300 to 500 meters above sea level, where the soil and microclimate are ideal for cultivation, and the trees date back over 100 years. Lucini Italia olives are harvested at precisely the right time, then crushed immediately to capture the fruit's peak flavor. This oil is certified Kosher Parve.

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3 Liters

3L EcoValue® Box

Product Description

In addition to Lucini's 250, 500, and 750 ml glass bottles, Lucini proudly introduces the EcoValue™ box; the first of its kind in the US. Containing 3-litres of award-winning Tuscan extra virgin olive oil this exciting new product provides what every serious chef demands - freshness, quality and value. With a specifically designed air-tight spigot and low-impact packaging the EcoValue™ box lets you make the better environmental choice while enjoying a nearly 40% savings off the equivalent of six 500ml bottles of Premium Select Extra Virgin® olive oil. Once opened, we guarantee that the precious oil will remain fresh for up to 12 months. A must-have product for any chef who regularly cooks with extra virgin olive oil.

Lucini Italia naturally achieves it's low acidity which is less than half of what is legally required to be classified as extra virgin.

Additional Information

Ingredients 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Certifications Vegan
Size 3 Liters


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This product has earned the right to display the following marks:

K - 4
Vegan - 6
COR 80 - 7
USDA Organic - 8
QAI - 9
ICEA - 10
Gold Sofi - 13
BOTB - 14

Nutritional Facts

3L EcoValue® Box