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Lucini Italia's Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Artisan Vinegars

New York, New York (2009-06-01) - Lucini Italia brings the rich, all-natural traditions of the Italian countryside to the American marketplace with a collection of premium infused extra virgin olive oils and artisan vinegars bursting with farm fresh flavors hand picked at their peak. These handcrafted products deliver on Lucini Italia's core philosophy: 100% natural; 100% authentic; 100% delicious.

Infused Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Centuries old Tuscan cooking traditions served as the inspiration when Lucini Italia created its gourmet collection of four infused extra virgin olive oils. Olives grown on small, family-owned Tuscan farms are harvested by hand to ensure a product that delivers maximum purity and intensity. To this, Lucini blends a carefully selected mix of essential oils derived from all natural fruit and herbs. Delicate Lemon: the sweet aroma of Amalfi lemons combines for a distinctly fresh taste. Robust Garlic: this perfectly balanced blend brings all the savory flavors of Italian garlic in an extra virgin olive oil that never overpowers. Tuscan Basil: the fresh picked scent of summer is captured with the purest form of essential oil extracted from fresh Tuscan Basil. Fiery Chili: intense heat from biodynamic Tuscan red chili peppers is delivered in a velvety smooth product.

Over the course of twenty days these high quality flavors are steeped in Lucini® Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® creating a natural bond that, unlike other infused oils made with synthetic ingredients, will not evaporate, shift or separate while cooking. Lucini's infused oils are the only products of its kind to combine real essential oils and high quality extra virgin olive oil. Full of rich, distinct flavor, each "liquid spice" offers a convenient and delicious way to add garlic, lemon, basil and chili to favorite dishes without the messy prep work making it an indispensable pantry item.

Aged Gran Balsamic of Modena Infused with Fruit

Lucini Italia also brings three full bodied artisan vinegars all grown, harvested, crushed, aged and bottled on a single estate near the ancient town of Modena, a centuries old center of fine vinegar production. Following the traditions of Italy's finest winemakers, Trebbiano and Pinot Noir grapes are cultivated and crushed with the same selectivity and delicacy to create vinegars full of flavor and devoid of added sugars, colorings or chemicals.

In determining the flavors that best complement their luscious, artisan balsamic, Lucini Italia sought the advice of top chefs as well as traditional Italian cooks. After natural aging of the Trebbiano grapes in small chestnut barrels, Lucini's gran balsamico is blended with the finest Italian fruits. Savory Fig Balsamico: quintessentially Mediterranean, the full bodied fig is a classic counterpoint to the richness of balsamic. Dark Cherry Balsamico: a complex layering of flavor creates an infused balsamic that brings the most luscious tastes of the summer's cherry harvest all year round.

Pinot Noir Italian Wine Vinegar

For their Pinot Noir Italian Wine Vinegar, Lucini Italia uses 100% pinot noir grapes, picked at their optimal point of freshness and crushed immediately after harvest. Aged in Italian oak barrels, the rich and aromatic vinegar achieves its characteristic flavor and ruby red color from all natural, unadulterated means. Produced in small batches on a single estate, its sophisticated profile adds a new sparkle and balanced flavor to favorite recipes.

With healthful, step saving products full of authentic Italian flavors, Lucini Italia is raising the bar for home cooking. This extensive line of aged vinegars and extra virgin olive oils presents home cooks with a myriad of options to make meal time easier, more exciting and tastier with food products that are always 100% natural.