The Lucini Italia Company

Authentic, Handcrafted Gourmet Foods Inspired by the Culinary Traditions of Italy

(2008-01-01) - The story begins in the Tuscan countryside where Renee Frigo and Daniel Graeff spent their honeymoon and fell in love with the Italian way of life. Life-long food enthusiasts, Frigo and Graeff were struck by the simplicity of the country's old world cuisine and respect for all natural, high quality ingredients. They quickly learned that superior extra virgin olive oil served as the cornerstone of the Italian kitchen and developed a passion for the country's delicious "liquid gold". Spurred by this enthusiasm and unable to find an affordable, high quality extra virgin olive oil back home in the States, Frigo and Graeff found themselves abandoning successful careers in the L.A. music industry for the food world.

In 1997, the couple co-founded the Lucini Italia Company with the goal to share their love of Italy and introduce more Americans to one of Italy's greatest treasures - Tuscan olives. Tuscan olives comprise the top 2% of all Italian olive production and Frigo and Graeff performed an exhaustive search for the best from this select group, meeting and vetting each farm to identify the top producers and developing strong working relationships that still exist today. Literally translated, the company's name means 'little light' in the Tuscan dialect and conveys the couple's mission to bring a glimmer of Tuscany's finest to the United States. Lucini Italia's first product was its hand-picked, estate grown Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® which continues to be the crown jewel in the company's growing constellation of gourmet Italian products.

Following the instant success of the company's extra virgin olive oil, Frigo and Graeff expanded their product line to include aged vinegars, gourmet pasta sauces, authentic soups, artisan salad dressings and a special collection of organic products all with the same goal: to provide American consumers with handcrafted gourmet foods inspired by the culinary traditions of Italy. Lucini accomplishes this by preparing its products by hand in small batches, a time-tested process that yields superior flavor and freshness. Lucini has never compromised the integrity of its foods with preservatives, chemical treatments, refined sugars, or artificial additives, ensuring the resulting products are delicious, high quality and grounded in authenticity.

Lucini's family of gourmet Italian foods has received numerous accolades and has been endorsed by Martha Stewart, Giada de Laurentiis, Mario Batali, Charlie Trotter, Jamie Oliver, Emeril Lagasse, Art Smith, and health and wellness expert, Dr. Andrew Weil. Voted Cook's Illustrated "Top Supermarket Extra Virgin Olive Oil" in 2009, Lucini's extra virgin olive oil has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and in The Oprah Magazine's 'The O List'. Men's Health named Lucini's Rustic Italian Minestrone Soup to its annual 2009 "125 Best Foods" list and in 2007 Cook's Illustrated rated Lucini's 10-year Gran Riserva Balsamic as a "top recommended" balsamic vinegar.

Lucini Italia continues to develop and introduce new products to the marketplace with a focus on value, freshness and quality. In addition, the company has embraced a new direction in eco-conscious packaging and distribution with the goal of reducing its impact on the environment. In July, the company will launch a boxed version of their award winning extra virgin olive oil, the first product in its collection to address customer's growing concerns about the environment.

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