Lucini Italia Celebrates Spring with Its Exclusive Collection of All-Natural Gourmet Salad Dressings

New York, New York (2009-04-01) - Just in time for Spring, Lucini Italia, maker of award-winning extra virgin olive oils and artisanal vinegars, has created an exclusive collection of dressings bursting with the aromas and flavors of the Italian countryside. Now for those who do not have the time to cook from scratch, Lucini brings affordable, gourmet dressings that taste as good as homemade.

With these dressings, Lucini aims to unite the highest quality foods grown in American soil with the wholesome spirit of the Italian kitchen. Inspired by the American lifestyle, these products are made in the United States based on the Tuscan philosophy that great food comes from simple ingredients of extraordinary quality.

Before bottling a single dressing, Lucini Italia scoured the country in search of small, sustainable farms that provide produce that meet the company's standards for superior taste and quality. Only the most flavorful shallots, figs, cucumbers and olives picked at the peak of freshness are eligible for inclusion in Lucini dressings. Prepared exclusively with real garlic, parmesan, sea salt and rosemary - the dressings never contain refined sugars, dried herbs, artificial flavorings or artificial preservatives. Committed to crafting the very best, Lucini brings foods fresh from the source and produced in small batches.

The six gourmet blends, developed by culinary experts with a passion for delicious-tasting food made with honest ingredients, is like having a personal chef in your kitchen. The unique flavor profiles from sweet to savory - Fig & Walnut Savory Balsamic, Cherry Balsamic & Rosemary, Roasted Hazelnut & Balsamic, Tuscan Balsamic & Extra Virgin, Bold Parmesan & Garlic and Delicate Cucumber & Shallot - showcase a range of tastes from earthy, roasted nuts to sweet and tangy summer cherries. Full bodied and bursting with all natural flavors, Lucini artisanal dressings are specially blended to provide a versatile dressing that adheres well to greens, adds punch to sandwiches and brings new depth to meats and poultry when used as a marinade. Available at stores nationwide and retailing for under six dollars, the ease and affordability of these products make them sure to be a staple of the American pantry.

Lucini brings a modern sensibility towards finely crafted foods. Working in partnership with regional, sustainable farmers, celebrity chefs and health experts, Lucini Italia has succeeded in creating the must have product for this season's kitchen! Buon Appetito!

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