EVA to Present Intensive Olive Oil Tasting Seminar for Buyers and Culinary Professionals

Co-sponsored by Lucini Italia, the two-day course is taking place two days before the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

Dedicated to restoring trust of extra virgin olive oil in the American marketplace, Extra Virgin AllianceTM (EVA) is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Olive Oil Tasting Seminar for Buyers and Culinary Professionals. The intensive course is tailored to meet the needs of retail executives, category managers, buyers, culinary professionals and store employees and is taking place on June 27 and 28 in New York City, two days before the Specialty Food Association Summer Fancy Food Show.

The class is a practical, hands-on introduction to the world of olive oil, including fundamentals of olive oil tasting, recognizing defects and appreciating positive attributes, understanding olive oil testing, deciphering global quality and authenticity standards, using olive oil in the kitchen and at the table, effective olive oil marketing and more. A networking lunch will be provided each day, including an olive oil and food pairing meal. Attendees will taste and evaluate over three dozen olive oils during the course, allowing them to gain a solid understanding of the issues that surround olive oil quality.

In keeping with the educational mandate of EVA, this seminar is created to be relevant, authoritative, unbiased and enjoyable. A dozen experts working in the olive oil and food industries will make presentations and participate in panel discussions and Q&A sessions providing practical, actionable information for everyone who makes decisions about purchasing, handling and marketing olive oil. EVA is offering reduced pricing to companies that wish to send multiple representatives to the seminar.

Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne of Extra Virgin AllianceTM and Leandro Ravetti of Modern Olives Australia are the lead instructors addressing sensory analysis of olive oil, olive oil processing and basic chemistry, quality assurance and more. Legendary olive oil merchant and Zingerman’s founding partner Ari Weinzweig will give the keynote address on the history of marketing extra virgin olive oil in the US. Other speakers include Richard Cantrill of American Oil Chemists’ Society on selecting the right laboratory; Mary Flynn of Brown University on olive oil, health and nutrition; Paul Miller, president of Australian Olive Association and co-founder of EVA on global standards and regulation; and Liz Tagami of Tagami International on marketing.

The agenda includes panel discussions on assuring quality in the supply chain and marketing quality olive oil that bring in other top industry names including Rosa Vañó of Castillo de Canena, Aris Kefalogiannis of Gaea Products and David Neuman of Lucini Italia. A complete list of speakers and the agenda can be found at www.oliveoilseries.com.

This course follows the highly successful olive oil tasting course sponsored by Lucini Italia before the Winter Fancy Food Show 2014 in San Francisco. About the San Francisco course, Rex Howell-Smith of Central Market said, “It was informative and a great cross section of all levels of people associated with the oil industry from producers to retailers and retailers at all levels in both packaged and bulk options. I left with more useful information of great benefit to both my business and our consumers.”

As in San Francisco, Lucini is not benefitting financially from the course but is simply facilitating it. “Quality is our mantra and the more people understand and respect quality extra virgin olive oil, the better and stronger the category will be as a whole,” said Lucini president David Neuman.

For more information and to register visit http://oliveoilseries.com.

About Extra Virgin AllianceTM (EVA)
EVA is a non-profit trade association representing producers of genuine extra virgin olive oil from around the world. EVA comprises olive oil producers, experts and associates in eleven countries on six continents. The EVA Mission is to improve the value of extra virgin olive oil for everyone in the chain: from producer to purveyor to consumer. Education for the supply chain, food professionals and consumers is a critical component in accomplishing this mission. Visit www.extravirginalliance.org to learn more about EVA.

About Lucini Italia
Lucini’s family of gourmet Italian foods are crafted based on the philosophy that great tasting food comes from only the most cared-for, high-quality ingredients and have been a celebrity chef favorite since the company’s inception in 1997. Voted Cook’s Illustrated “Top Supermarket Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and a staple in Bon Appetit Magazine’s test kitchen, Lucini’s extra virgin olive oil has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and in The Oprah Magazine’s ‘The O List’.  Lucini’s 100% Organic Limited Reserve® Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® received a gold medal at the 2013 New York International Olive Oil Competition. Visit www.lucini.com for more information.