Certifications of Lucini Italia


Lucini italia products are all certified. Please select a certification to find out more.

What does "Vegan" mean?

A product or a person can be vegan. To be a vegan product is to be cruelty free, and free from all animal-based ingredients. This free-from list includes meat; dairy; eggs; honey; beeswax; gelatin; leather; wool; silk; certain dyes and colorants; and any ingredients utilizing these or less obvious animal by-products.

A vegan person is someone striving to live without a reliance on the exploitation of animals, consuming a plant-based diet, and purchasing only vegan products, including, but not limited to, clothing and body care. For more information on the vegan lifestyle and suitable products, please visit the Vegan Action web site.

Even if a product bears a vegan or cruelty free logo, always read the ingredient panel and confirm with the company that no animal testing has been conducted. As the term vegan varies from person to person and company to company, ingredients such as honey and beeswax may be considered vegan by one and not vegan by another. Further, ingredients may not always be obviously animal-based, so contacting the manufacturer is the safest bet. Historically, vegan and cruelty free logomarks have been loosely governed, if at all. With appealing vegan options increasing, and consumers becoming more interested and aware, this seems to be changing: Vegan Action, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization now offers a regulated vegan certification. Interested companies can learn more by visiting the Vegan Action web site.

Many of Lucini's products are vegan; all are vegetarian. Lucini Italia has now begun marking its vegan products with the following symbol. Current retailer inventory may not yet reflect this change, so please refer to the product section of this website for confirmation.