Certifications of Lucini Italia


Lucini italia products are all certified. Please select a certification to find out more.

What is Kosher?

The word Kosher, or Kasheir, is Hebrew, meaning 'fit' or 'proper'. In terms of food, this means that a particular product is appropriate for consumption under Jewish Law.

There are three types of Kosher food, that are certified by recognized third-party agencies. They are Meat, Dairy, and Parve/Pareve.

Parve/Pareve is the category for foods are neither the meat nor dairy. This category would include such things as vegetables, fruits and grains, as well as fish with fins and scales.

If a Parve/Pareve food is mixed with a Kosher Dairy or Meat product, it then falls into that category instead.

Lucini's Extra Virgin Olive Oils have been certified Kosher Parve, evidenced by the below logo on the product labels: